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Email: d.werwitzkebittekeinehahn-consultantswerbungde


University of Wuppertal/Course of studies: Economics with focus on organisation and personnel development

Final qualification: Degree in economics

Professional experience

2016 – present   Partner at hahn,consultants gmbh
2012 - 2016   Associate partner at hahn,consultants gmbh
2011 - 2011   Procurator at hahn,consultants gmbh
2010 – 2011   Project Manager at hahn,consultants gmbh
2004 – 2009   Senior Consultant at hahn,consultants gmbh
1999 – 2004   Consultant hahn,consultants gmbh
1995 – 1999   Degree-related employment at a medium-sized auditing company with independent business consultations for finance and organisation Project-related cooperation at a business consultancy focusing on strategy and marketing

Consultancy focus/Projects

» Restructuring/Turnaround

- Crisis management
- Integrated restructuring concepts according to IDW standard S 6
- Continuity forecast according to insolvency law
- Allocation of finances in restructuring/turnaround situations including attendant
  services in application for federal state sureties
- Implementation of restructuring/turnaround measures (including the
  implementation of a systematic change organisation)
- Assistance with communication during all restructuring phases (banking, loan
  insurance, credit agencies, suppliers etc.)
- Consideration and realisation of strategic options as possible alternatives for 
  causes of action
- Negotiation of supplementary tariff agreements (employees) with relevant
  stakeholder groups

» Growth/Expansion

- Integrated development of strategy concepts
- Sales and Marketing concepts
- Implementation of systematic corporate development processes including
  operational and personnel development
- Introduction of project management and management accounting systems

» M&A/Succession

- Creation of succession processes for family members, employees, or third parties
- Preparation and support for M&A processes
- Company evaluations for interested parties (buying/selling) using DCF and multiples
  methods within M&A processes
- Development and implementation of financial concepts related to company
- Acquisition strategies for strategic buyers
- Sales strategies for investors in search of companies
- Commercial due diligence

» Corporate Management/Management accounting

- Concepts and implementation of planning and management systems
- Assumption of monitoring responsibilities during a process of change
- Set-up and development of accounting systems (cost categories, cost centres,
  cost objects)

» Financing

- Appropriate financial structures for business models (including cash flow modelling)
- Integration of letters of indemnity by state or federal institutions as well as aid
  programmes by the KfW bank and guarantor banks
- Equity capital and mezzanine finance

Industry experience

- Mechanical engineering and
- Equipment construction
- Metal processing (foundries, forging)
- Automotive
- Printing
- Electronics/electro-mechanical
- Shipping
- Consumer goods
- Electroplating
- Timber processing
- Services
- Retail and wholesale
- Trades

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