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Mergers & Acquisitions

Creating the future

The future of a company and, by extension the future of its shareholders, can be constructed in a variety of ways. It can range from the inclusion of family members, succession by company employees, strategic cooperation with third parties, up to acquisition or sale of assets or parts of the company. Going public on the stock market might be another option. The success of such a transaction depends on a variety of emotional factors which, in addition to economic and legal requirements, also have to be taken into account.

We manage the following challenges:

  • The outsourcing and/or sell-out of single business areas of the company
  • Acquisitions and corporate sales
  • Mergers
  • Strategic cooperations and joint ventures
  • Going public on the stock market

By taking all these transactions on board, we support the entire process. We are happy to work with your long-term advisors, whether legal or financial. When necessary, we can bring in our own network of lawyers, tax consultants and auditors, who are experts in both national and international business transactions. The transaction management starts with the compilation and comparison of possible strategic courses of action and their economic evaluation. In addition, we advise companies that are to be sold during their search for a suitable strategic partner or financial investor. For acquisitions, we provide assistance by searching for a suitable target. We carry out due diligence surveys, manage international tendering procedures, and determine the value of a company. We provide the transaction structure and carry out the contractual negotiations until the final completion of the agreement.

Once a transaction has been completed, we accompany our clients through its operative realisation, such as the integration of the acquired company. If needed, we also provide our clients with experienced staff to act as interim managers during the integration phase.

For reference

Download our latest pdf document on 'M&A/Succession plan'.

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