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Leaving crisis behind

When undergoing a restructuring process, the flexibility and courage of everyone involved is crucial for sustainable recovery. The first priority is to quickly safeguard the company's liquidity followed closely by immediate measures for limiting and eliminating the sources of loss. The second step is to systematically analyse the company about current weaknesses and causes for the crisis. Based on this, we then define new perspectives for future development.

When restructuring a company, we do not focus on isolated and partial solutions but on integrated approaches, which take into account all interrelated effects between the market situation, the value chain structures and the financial situation. Our concept is implementation-oriented with an action plan to be taken which will be supported by all parties involved.

Overview of our services

  • Crisis management and interim measures
  • Integrated restructuring concepts (among them also according to IDW standard S 6) 
  • Implementation of turnaround measures
  • Coaching

For reference

Download our latest pdf document on 'Restructuring / Recapitalisation consultancy'.

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